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Santa Monica signs $10M contract with CycleHop for Bike Sharing System

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With a shift to increasing commuter mobility, Santa Monica will be the first city in Southern California to introduce an innovative bike-share system with high-tech smart-bikes conveniently stationed throughout the city.
Bike shares allow users to pick up a bike, pedal wherever they desire, and then drop the bike off at any other bike share station. It is estimated that Santa Monica would have around 65 to 75 stations across town.
These high-tech bikes are equipped with integrated locking systems, mobile app connectivity, GPS-tracking, and a host of clever features. Through the mobile app, bike-share users will have the ability to see where bikes are available and book them directly through the app on their cell-phones and compatible devices.
The locking system on the smart-bikes enables them to be secured to regular bike-racks and the GPS security system will identify any wrongdoing. The City has also been directed to develop a program so that non-bike-share bikes will be prohibited from bike-share hubs.
The number of Santa Monica residents pedaling to work increased by about 29 percent between 2007 and 2010. Hopefully the new bike share program will spur a spike in that percentage!