We just moved to a smaller place and it doesn't fit in our new place šŸ™ we will be sad to see it gone.
XL SOQI Bed and CHEE MACHINE-- 2 systems, and 3 Infrared Hothouse Domes.
All in one control panel, including a built in computer, CD player for healing music.
NEW THIS SELLS FOR $6000 + tax
ALL for $4000
Here is info I found on it..

Worldwide, thousands of people just like you, are searching for safe, easy to use, painless, convenient, alternative healing therapies and treatments, without the life threatening medical drugs and expensive health care or health club memberships. Most importantly, people like you are seeking to have something that works!

The SOQI Bed can be set up within the comfort of your healthcare, chiropractic, massage parlor, yoga, home, or healing business practice. Google "SOQI Bed" for detail.

Reduce Price was $6,000.00


Far Infrared Ray Energy (FIR) is an invisible light that is capable of penetrating deep into the body and gently elevates the body temperature. FIR energy is measured at 8 to 10 microns. Japanese research indicates the same type of energy is also emitted by our body. Clinical research also shows energy radiating from a Qi Gong master's practitioner's hand is a form of FIR energy. FIR technology is also found in household appliances that provide warmth and insulation. FIR has become a part of our daily life.

Thermal therapy has been in practice for thousands of years. Look at the old Roman Empire days when people visited the public bath-houses. It has been well known to promote detoxification, relaxation, ease muscular aches, stiffness, strains, and stimulate local circulation.

SOQI Bed on Display

SOQI's thermal energy is produced by the FIR Hothouse, a home spa companion. It acts like a personal sauna device that bathes your body in gentle far infrared energy (FIR). It is an advanced form of thermal therapy, produced by the far infrared energy that penetrates your dermis and stimulates cellular activity. This can build up your internal chi energy. You don't need to be an expert in Qigong or Taichi. Everyone can cultivate their own chi energy.

SOQI is a perfect combination of East and West approach to health. Nowadays, complementary medicine or holistic health is the most popular way to look after your body and wellbeing. PreventativeĀ  measures is now first priority. People seek drug-free solutions and are turning to the healing power of nature.

SOQI integrates Eastern and Western holistic therapies like no other. The concept of SOQI has been in practice for thousands and thousands of years. Look at the old Roman Empire bath houses, Indian palm healers and Traditional Chinese Medicine, like Tai Chi or Qi Gong - these are all still in practice and in demand today. Now you can have the benefits of holistic health at home for the whole family with SOQI Total Health Spa.

At the start of the 21st century we are facing growing challenges to our health and well being. Earth, the blue planet we live in is also facing the same challenges. What affects our environment will also change our quality of life. How we breathe, eat, drink, work, and exercise is crucial to good health. Now we are living longer and desire to live a more healthy, balanced, and natural life.


Your personal SOQI total health spa is your solution to good health every day. SOQI incorporates natural interapies and high quality products using a unique "multiple energy approach" for your daily health management.

Inspired by energy healing and back to nature concepts, the three energy approach is your gateway to good health.

Kinetic energy can build up your chi, stimulating your energy levels throughout the day. Thermal energy assists with cleansing and detoxifying the body. And activation energy, in the form of nutritional supplements, can maximize your nutrition intake and enhance metabolic activity. Our wellness products complete the energy flow to give you total health.

Recommended Use

Suitable for people aged 6 years and over. Contraindications include temporary tiredness, headaches, dizziness, discomfort, and nausea. Please reduce time and be sure to drink plenty of water if these symptoms occur. The Chi Machine should not be used within 30 minutes of eating, and should not be used for a long time during one session, especially first-time users. The Chi Machine can be used 2-15 minutes per session, and repeated during the day. The Hot House can be used 20-60 minutes, twice daily. If used longer, skin may experience dryness or redness. Both devices can bring benefits if used on a regular basis. If you show any concern please contact your health practitioner.

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